For the past 16 years, the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands survey has investigated which brands in New Zealand have the best reputation among consumers – and why.

New Zealanders have told us what influences their buying decisions. They’ve told us which brands consistently deliver on promises to satisfy their needs, make their lives easier and offer value for money

The 2016 Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands survey has once again identified the products and services New Zealanders depend on to enrich their lives.

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Most Trusted

*of all brands surveyed

How Our Trusted Brands Survey Was Conducted

Catalyst Research

We commissioned a highly recognised independent market research agency, Catalyst, to survey a representative sample of people in New Zealand on their most trusted brands in 41 categories of products and services across a wide range of industry. Over 1,200 people were surveyed across New Zealand nationally.

Each category contains

one Winning, and two or three Highly Commended brands. These brands scored higher in their respective categories than the other brands polled

Each year, our annual survey unearths some interesting – and revealing

– features of what drives New Zealanders to put their trust in a brand. Here’s what these drivers are:

  • “Reliable”
  • “Consistently good”
  • “Wholesome”
  • “Locally owned”
  • “Never made a bad purchase with them”
  • “I grew up with it”
  • “Reasonably priced”
  • "Tastes good"
We are confident that the results

of the survey are a truly accurate measurement of New Zealand consumer sentiment in 2016.