St John

ALL AROUND NEW ZEALAND, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, St John cares for communities, helping people in emergency situations, and people who are sick or injured. Responsible for providing emergency services to 97 per cent of the country, St John helps people in their time of greatest need.

Answering 482,000 emergency calls for ambulances in the last year, St John is vigilant in its mission to put the health and wellbeing of its patients at the forefront of its care and services.

St John is a charity and relies on the generosity of the public for donations which support its community programmes. In 2016, St John went into schools, teaching 110,560 preschool and primary school–aged children injury prevention and how to respond to emergency environments, and taught 3 Steps for Life community education programme to the public for free. To further connect with New Zealand communities, St John recently participated in the Auckland Pride Parade, and rebranded its annual appeal along the theme of ‘Heart of Gold’.

St John touches the lives of thousands of Kiwis every year, making it one of New Zealand’s most trusted charities and healthcare service providers.

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"They are an integral part of my community and I see the help they provide every day."


"They’ve been there when we’ve needed their services and I think they do a wonderful job in the community."